Sunday, July 8, 2018

Involvement within the Woden-Folk Community

To get involved in Wodenism it is first necessary to subscribe to the magazines produced by Woden’s Folk. Woden’s Folk is not a membership organisation and we have no “members”; to become active it is necessary to become a WF Activist, and the first step to this is to subscribe to the magazines and the newsletter, from which you can learn more about the movement, and get details of our local and national activities. 

Subscribers may not necessarily become WF Activists and may merely wish to read our magazines and see what is going on. In this case they remain WF Supporters. But as a WF Activist you will be allowed (if you so wish) to take up a Wodenic Apprenticeship and thus become a Professed Wodenist, which means that (again, only if you so wish) you could form a local group of your own, or join up with a local group if there is one in your area. 

Details of a Wodenic Apprenticeship and of Wodenic Profession will be given to subscribers who wish to get active; the criteria for Wodenic Apprenticeship is that you get involved actively and attend Folk-Moots, camps and other national and local activities. Ours is an active movement and our work is done outdoors and within the natural environment. Our Folk-Moots and camps are held at ancient sites around England, and involve ritual, a ritual symbel, and a social drink around the camp-fire. There is no kind of “church” atmosphere in this, for we wish to revive the ancient atmosphere of the Ritual Circle for the Sacred Rites and the Mead-Hall for the social gathering. Gathering around a sacred fire at a sacred site, holy grove or the like, is all part of recreating the Woden Folk-Religion. 

There are, of course, plenty of other important tasks that can be done, and we encourage our activists to get involved in writing articles for the magazines and in helping out with the tasks needed to create a new Folk-Religion here in England. We encourage our WF Activists to get involved at a local level and at a national level; the local WF Hearth is the backbone of the movement. The individual is also encouraged to educate themselves into the Woden Religion, and to train himself/herself in all aspects of that religion. Ours is not a “Sunday Faith” but a way of life, which must become the most important part of the life of any individual, and the family as the basic group. 

Those who do wish to get involved will soon become aware of what they can do, and how they can get fully involved in our Folkish Religion. Our newsletters give full details of our activities; we never give out details over the Internet, nor via email. We also pride ourselves in trying to be as secure as possible in an era of repression. 

The feminine within our movement is encouraged, with roles for our womenfolk being paramount, and parts within our Woden Rites being female in form. Our Anglo-Saxon women-folk were honoured for their role as seeresses, healers and for defending the tribe when their men-folk were out “A-Viking”, raiding and pillaging lands in order to gain new territory and new wealth through plunder. The future of our people depends upon our women-folk producing strong and healthy children for the future, Our women-folk are as much Warriors of Woden as their men-folk who stand beside them in the English Struggle.