A Force of Resistance!

We oppose the economic consumer society based upon gross materialism and mass-production with a spiritually-based order of self-reliance, self-sufficiency and a return to ruralism and craftsmanship. Urbanism is for the inert masses and economic consumerism; it is also multi-racial in essence and form, which makes essential to the Old Order.

- We oppose globalism and globalisation which is the destroyer of nations; the family is the most basic ordered unit, then the tribe (regionalism) and above that the nation-state. 

- We oppose both capitalism and socialism/communism which are merely two sides of the same coin. Capitalism provides the cash – socialism provides the mass-labour needed for mass-production. Neither could function without the other. 

- We oppose the reformed Roman Empire through the setting up of a European State by the Treaty of Rome. On the other hand we oppose the materialistic Coca-Cola culture spread through the “democracy” of the United States. The English are Europeans but the nation-states are the basis of a free Europe; the European Union is a slave-state. 

- We oppose the multi-racial society where various different “communities” vie for a slice of the cake in a decaying and dying nation. This evil system has produced a hell-on-earth in which crime, violence, perversion and subversion are rife. This type of society has never worked – and never will! Multi-racialism or “multi-culturalism” is the basis of a one-world state – a World Dictatorship! 

- Six-hundred bickering and arguing fools sitting in a British Parliament, all with the self-same “economic” mentality have brought this nation to its knees. To replace this with yet another six-hundred “Englishmen” of the same mentality will change nothing. What is needed is a complete social change in which a more spiritually-based leadership takes over by dint of its worth – a Meritocracy. Neither money nor birth should qualify anyone for a place in the leadership of the English Nation. 

- We see this land as being sacred to the English Folk and not just a piece of mud for sale to the highest bidder. Our forebears fought, shed blood, and died for this land and its people; fought and died to keep it free from invasion from without. This land is worth fighting and dying for if necessary.

- We recognise the need for change, but for change in ourselves in the first instance. To preach to others what needs doing is futile unless we take up the challenge of change in ourselves. To lead by example is better than to preach. A strong group, made up of dedicated and self-trained activists will be a force to reckon with in the future.

Resistance cannot come through confrontation, which is futile in view of the strength of the forces arrayed against change. Resistance must come through self-overcoming and self-training so that the individual is ready for great change – indeed for catastrophic change! We shall never be popular in an age where the mediocre reign supreme, for the mediocre will relinquish their positions of power easily. They will array themselves in full force against any attempt to change the order of things – this is a battle against overwhelming odds, but one where we have right, justice and Natural Law on our side – and the Gods of our Folk, not to mention the Ancestors and the Spirits of Nature. We are not alone in our struggle.