Our structure

Woden’s Folk is not a “membership organization” in any shape or form, nor is it a bureaucratic organisation with a formal structure. We have no formal leadership structure outside our local Hearth System. The Folk-Warder (Raven) organises our moots and overseas the Woden-Folk Community, whilst Wulf runs Woden's Folk, which publishes our magazines. Trusted WF-C activists give good rede (counsel) and advice where needed. At a local level the Hearth Warder is the Local Leader and Local Organizer. This structure means that we lack the bureaucracy of some “organizations”, and we need limited funds in order to keep going, for “expenses” are minimal.  This structure means that we do not need to raise funds by any donations except those of our yearly donated subscription, plus the leaflets and booklets that we produce ourselves. We can give our WF Activists and WF Supporters what they want in sales stuff via alternative routes outside the main structure of our Movement. 

The strength of Woden’s Folk lays in its local WF Hearths, which are cells within the whole, and work towards self-reliance as much as possible. The Hearth Warder is a local leader who runs and organizes the local group. Where it is possible, and where there is a WF Hearth, we shall try to put interested people into contact with the Hearth. This allows individuals to get active in their own area if there is an established group there.