Our struggle

There can be no political solution to spiritual and psychological problems. In order to affect a cure for the ills of the English a Spiritual Revolution must take place. This must happen before any political change can take effect. 

The vanguard of the English Revolution is Woden’s Folk. This will be a long struggle, and not won in an instant. This we have to recognise, and are willing to take up that struggle.  In order to create a movement for the English it is necessary to build firm foundations; any new movement must be built organically. Those who expect instant results will be disappointed. This is the basis of the modern “progressive” society where nothing is made to last – nor can ever last. The English struggle begins here - it is our struggle. The English Folk will arise from the ashes of the destruction of the British State. A new religious movement is arising and the struggle for England is under way.

The Spirits of our Ancestors call out to us to take back this Holy Land from the forces of decay and destruction. Proud of our Land - Proud of our Folk - Proud of our Blood! Today England is all but dead and gone. This is a fact we have to face. The forces that seek to destroy the Folk of this land, and the land of England itself dominate all walks of life in the political, cultural, and religious spheres. It is thus perhaps not strange to relate that in the Grail Mythus we find that the wasteland is called Logres. This name is that used by the Welsh for the land of England. England is the wasteland of myth. 

Before any renewal of this land can take place there must first be a quest - a quest to find the secret of the “Grail”. This is our sacred struggle, to find the secret contained in the Blood of our Folk, and to awaken the latent powers that reside in the Blood of the English Folk. This relates to the Ancestral Spirits and to the Ancestral God - Woden. The struggle for England must first take place on a spiritual level.

As Folkish Heathens we recognise that England has a National Spirit which we symbolise by the White Dragon. This National Spirit must first be awakened before any change in consciousness will occur in the people of this land. This is the first task, which is well under way with the revival of the White Dragon as a National Symbol.

Whilst the people of this land are concerned merely with material possessions and with their status on the “property ladder” things will change very little. Even the growing influx of thousands of outsiders will have little effect so long as people keep their jobs and their material possessions, and have their petty pastimes to keep their simple minds happy. Only when the Established Order of this land falls into disarray - into collapse, disorder and chaos - will things change rapidly.

Woden’s Folk has recognised this, and acted upon it. Having read the Signs of the Times we can see how rapid change is occurring. Catastrophic changes are happening across the planet, and a catastrophic collapse will happen on a world-wide basis. The World Community is an artificial creation that depends upon a world-wide network, and when anything does happen - it will happen worldwide! The final collapse of the New World Order will leave a void which we shall fill with a New Order based upon spiritual values and not gross materialism and the Cult of Gold. 

When the final collapse occurs we shall all be involved. This is why we have decided to prepare ourselves for this future event. By looking towards our own survival, and by gathering together those who hear the Call of the Blood we can survive the hard times to come. And at the end of the collapse we can come out to build a new English Folk and a new Nation of England. Only through the creation of a new and virile English Religion will the English Struggle be taken up in earnest.