Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Woden Folk-Community.

The Woden Folk-Religion was created for the English Folk and the Teutonic Folk of the Isles of the Blest, but it can be tailored to suit any of the Northern Folk wherever they dwell on the Earth. Those who wish to become active within this Folkish Movement can do so through local groups called ‘Hearths’. The ‘hearth’ is a small group that works in one particular area of England (we do not set up hearths outside England because this is impractical). A hearth works on its own initiative and is an independent unit, although any hearth is required to stick by the WF-C Laws. Hearths are run by a ‘Hearth Warder’ who is a fully Professed Wodenist. Raven of The Hooded Man Hearth is the Folk-Warder (WF-C). 

The first step into getting active is to subscribe to our magazines (produced by Woden’s Folk) from which the individual can ask to get involved in a local hearth if one exists. If a hearth does not exist locally the individual can take a ‘Lone-Wolf’ path and from there must show their willingness to become active and get involved in some other way. From this the individual may be asked to attend a localised Hearth-Moot in another but nearby area, and show the willingness to travel to the venue stated. As with every organisation or movement we have ‘supporters’ from which we recruit ‘activists’ – we are NOT a ‘membership organisation’ and we have no ‘members’. Our movement is decentralised and revolves around a small number of hearths scattered around England, a number of ‘Lone-Wolf Activists’ and a growing support here in these islands and in other areas of the world. 

The Woden Folk-Community is the active part of our movement at an exoteric level; Folkish Wodenism is an exoteric religion. All national activities are done through the WF-C and open only to WF-C Activists. To become a WF-C Activist it is first necessary to get active at a local level, from which you can work your way to getting involved at a national level. We are not looking for ‘numbers’ but for quality in the individual. We are not a large organisation, this is not our aim; our aim is to spread this religion amongst the English Folk and Teutonic Folk of these islands. This does not need a large organisation, we are a decentralised movement working at local and national level through small groups and individuals, with a greater number of supporters who, in time, may decide to become active in some way. 

The Woden Folk-Religion is based upon the Wheel of Life and we have rites of passage that are used throughout one’s life –

Child Naming Rite – done within one year of the birth of a child.

Seven-Year Initiation Rite – done after the seventh birthday.

Fourteen-Year Initiation Rite – done after the fourteenth birthday.

Profession Rite – done after the eighteenth birthday, a step towards full profession at twenty-one.

Twenty-First Profession Rite – done after the twenty-first birthday.

Handfasting Rite – rite of marriage between a Man and Woman.

Bael Rite – A memorial service for the dead comrades, family and friends.

The WF-C has various projects that individuals can take up when they become active within the Movement. At the start we would expect those who wish to get active to show us that they are willing to do something positive for the group, and if possible get involved in a local WF-C Hearth. We do not undertake organised training in the Martial Arts, Bushcraft and Survivalism but we do encourage those who get involved to take these up on their own initiative.